Friday, 1 April 2016

LUFTWAFFE im Focus - unpublished photos, No 1

Gruppenflugleber Oblt. Wili Bottländer of FFS A B 23 Kaufbeuren in his Arado Ar96, summer 1944

Interesting camouflage scheme of this Focke-Wulf Fw58 A-0 (Stkz. KK+UB, Werkur.1198), a transport of Kurt Tank, summer 1943, airfield at Bad Eilsen
Messerschmitt Bf109 E-7, white 2 of 7./JG77, photo taken t Morlaix airfield n Normandy, February-April, 1941
Messerschmitt Bf109 G-2, 'yellow 10' with brand new winter camouflage. perfectly view of gondola of 20 mm cannon mounted under the wings. Eastern front, spring 1943
Messerschmitt Me210 A-1 "2N+LT", werknummer 0205, of 9./ZG1 'yellow L', sustained more than 40% damage.The aircraft crashed due to unknown reason during take off on 4th March 1943 in Gerbini
Messerschmitt Me210 A-1 "2N+LT", Werknummer 0205, of 9./ZG1 'yellow L' crashed in Gerbini, 4th March 1943.
Junkers Ju87 A 29•5 "Legion Condor", July 1938
Junkers Ju87 A 29•5 "Legion Condor", July 1938
Henschel Hs126 crashed somewhere in Russia
Heinkel He111 of 1./KG53, September/October 1944 at Varrelbusch airfield
A V1 with very unusual camouflage pattern at Varrelbusch airfield
Uffz. Gerhard Proske of 1./JG54 near the tail of his Messerschmitt Bf109 G-2 'white 7', Wreknummer 1041. Picture taken 1st October 1942 on Krasnowardeisk airfield in Russia
Ofhr. Erich Schneider of  3./JG26 prepares his Focke-Wulf Fw190  A-8 'yellow 12' for a fast roll out from his camouflaged revetment at Krefeld-Linn airfield. On the forst plan, camera-men recorded scene for a propaganda stuff, September 1944  
Focke-Wulf Fw1190 A-8, Werknummer 171554 of 3./JG26 pulled into the forest, between the threes to the camouflage boxe. Pilot Ofhr. Heinrich Vandeweerd (one of the most experienced pilot of 3. Staffel), after a test flight comes out of the cockpit. September/Oktober 1944
Picture taken from LUFTWAFFE im Focus No 1. 

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