Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Set of Luftwaffe warbirds pictures

up: Dornier Do17 Z-10 NJG 101
down: Dornier 215 B-5NJG 2 with radar FuG 202, May 1942

up: Messerschmitt Bf110C NJG 1, 1941
down: Messerschmitt Bf110 NJG1, Holland 1941

Dornier Do17 Z-6 "Kauz I"  II.Gruppe Nachtjagdgerchwader 1 on the airfield in Düsseldorf

up: Crew of Ju88 G-1, NJG 3, 1944
down: At the end of the war, because of fuel shortages so often airfield staff used animals to transport planes

Heinkel he219 VI

Captured Junkers Ju88 G-6 on the airfield in north Germany

Focke-Wulf  Fw190

Dornier Do217 J-2

Junkers Ju88 G-1 IV./NJG 3 connected to the starter batteries

Messerschmitt Bf110 with radar

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Dornier Do217 J-2 NJG 2

Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6 during the radar test in experimental resort In Werneuchen. On the back is visible radar components mounted for testing.

Dornier Do17 Z-6 "Kauz I" II./NJG 2 after emergency landing. on picture above possible to see MG151 15mm, fitted in place MG-FF 20mm.

Luftwaffe Nightfighters Ace Ludwig Becker in the cockpit Dornier Do17 Z-6.

Focke-Wulf Ta154 A-1 "Moskito"

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