Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Blohm und Voss Bv155 - Set of pictures. Part 3. Compiled by Alex Halley


Model made of wood cockpit BV 155B
3 , 1-3 These three photographs show the cockpit interior BV 155B-1 prototype was being built by Blohm und Voss.


A: Images of the wooden model in real size in the inner section of the wings can be seen and the turbo supercharger compartment ahead of the cabin
B: Images of the wooden model in real size in the inner section of the wings can be seen and the turbo supercharger compartment ahead of the cabin
BV 155 V1 in the production process. The design of the pressurized cockpit a double wall is stretched to the front where the engine was located (in groin firewall). Also you can see the cut for the location of the telescopic sight ZFR-3.
A view of the mock up of Bv 155 B showing the location of the turbo supercharger. This picture shows the correct location of the components of the supercharger and the air intake for the radiator
Another image of the radiator air intake located under the fuselage
D, A-D Four images in which is the sheer size of the radiator air intake located at the bottom of each wing during the course of building the prototype

Picture of the first prototype BV 155 B to be completed. Note the huge air intakes for the radiators underwing and the incredible size of the wings
F, A-F Several images of main landing gear compartment, the same that caused them several headaches because not close properly when the plane took off
To the right is the photo spinner BV 155 V-3. On the left are two types of shovel designed for BV 155. 9.12193.V2 helix model made of wood and with a sweeping design which after some tests have proved unacceptable deficiencies. The other model propeller also made of wood (9.12193.V1 model) with a more conventional design sweep was not chosen to be used by the BV 155
Scale mockup of the unique wood build prototype BV 155C-0 (partly)


Thw next three images that illustrate the incredible size flawlessly wing BV 155:

Horizontal stabilizer:

The equally imposing BV tail stabilizer 155. The stabilizer tail BV 155C had about 5 meters wide !! The stabilizer was made entirely of wood and the pilot had a switch on the right side of the instrument which regulated the incidence

Fuselage and Frames

Several images showing progress on the skeleton of the fuselage and the fuselage itself

Original plans of Blohm & Voss Bv 155


This is the fuselage of the unfinished but full intact BV 155 V3 which is in the Paul E. Garber Facility Smithsonian Maryland. You can see in the background the fuselages of a Mosquito and a Ju-388L. These photos were taken in 1980

A more detailed description of the front of the fuselage of the BV 155 V3 view. The engine is full as you can see.

The wing central section is hanging on the wall. On the left you can see the imposing radiator air intake below this wing and can also see the magazine main landing gear caused him so many problems that the designers of the B & V

BV 155 V3 Cockpit being restored.

This photo taken in 1998 shows the aircraft partly restored and put on display. I have no idea where it is exposed.

Another image of the BV 155 and restored in part with a little more clarity than before