Friday, 25 December 2015

Luftwaffe survival kit. Part 2.

The list of content Luftwaffe survival kit (Extract from Me 410 Flugzeug-Handbuch Teile 9 A - Dezember 1943):

A  case
B  pocket for a gas cylinder
C  gas cylinder
D  rowlock
E  line
F  protective cover
G  accessory bag
H  boot straps 

I  distress container
J  emergency rations container
K  filling hoseL  bellows
M  flick bag 

N  lashing 
M  toggle 
K  cylinder valve




Unpacked on a table the content of a Nosignalbehälter

Luftwaffe soldier changing content of the box, part of Luftwaffe survival kit


 Schwimmweste 10-76ASchwimmveste

Schwimmweste 10-76A

Before pilots started used pneumatic lifevest, they used kapok-filled like Schwimmweste 10-76A. Unfortuantelly, this model gave a very seriuos problems.very fast soaked with water and dont keep a head of unconscious pilot on the top of water lever. Simply, pose more risks than realized production reason.


 Schwimmweste 10-76B-1

  In 1943 headquaters introduced better model:10-76B-1. This one gave full support for pilots, keep head above the water. Was filled with special buoyant fibre from the seedpods of the Kapok tree.

Schwimmweste  10-76B-1 front
Schwimmweste  10-76B-1 back


Schwimmweste model 10-30-B2

Schwimmweste model 10-30-B2

CO2 cartridge to inflated this lifevest was built near left hand of pilot and the manuaal breathing tube on the chest.
This was inflated either with a CO2 cartridge built in (near his left hand) or with the manual breathing tube on the chest. The parachute would be put on over the life vest.

 Luftwaffe survival macheta

This WWII German Luftwaffe Survival Machete was issued primarily to bomber crews on the Eastern front. .