Sunday, 2 April 2017

3D MODELING: Henshel Hs129 B-3, Bordkanone BK 75 mm cannon by Wojciech Nieweglowski. Part 1

I would like to be very pleased to inform all of you, that in th Luftwaffe Lovers we will start publishing new series devoted to 3D MODELING by Wojciech Nieweglowski.

Wojciech Niewegłowski - 53 years old, former professional firefighter, now retired dealing with his passions. One of them is 3D MODELING , which has been devoted to about 12 years. This is a continuation of the passion of building paper models in youth. For Wojciech, 3D MODELING is also additional opportunity to broaden his knowledge of WWII aircraft's and combat vehicles, which has been his passion for decades.

As first, we decide present Henshel Hs129 B-3 with Bordkanone BK 75 mm cannon.
post include just couple of pictures of stunning Wojciech work, rest you can find HERE

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