Tuesday, 26 April 2016

War on a daily basis - moral gap. Luftwaffe on the Channel Islands

Pictures illustrate an article Corey Charlton for MailOnline: 'And here's one of me at the harbor in just bombed': Amazing pictures show German Luftwaffe crew posing for holiday snaps on Jersey Their days after air raid killed 44.

German pilot Gefreiter Ernst Ostheimer poses for a photograph by the sea on the newly conquered island of Jersey in July 1940
Jersey airport, picture taken from the Luftwaffe plane
Picture taken by the Luftwaffe crews as they fly over the newly-conquered Channel Islands in 1940

The group of Luftwaffe crews pose for a photograph on the island of Jersey with crates of tomatoes due to be shipped to the mainland
Two pilots chatting with a newly-raised Nazi flag waving in the background
The photographs were taken just days after they bombed the islands, killing 44 people. Pictured is one of the islands from inside a Luftwaffe plane
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