Sunday, 21 February 2016

Luftwaffe - different kind of army in reality of Third Reich.

So many times, the size of people testified their skill of finding in fact, despite the experience of the past. War - is a terrifying experience for all side of conflict. Of course, history and facts create the pictures "bad guys and good guys", only people free from the experiences of the event, try to get the best lessons and knowledge from of past events.

Adolfo Galland - Luftwaffe Ace
and iconic character of history
of the Luftwaffe
"Because of people like Skalski, we lost the Battle of Britain, but thanks to such as he disappeared bleak vision of Nazism, which threatened to the world" Adolf Galland
Stanislaw Skalski - polish Ace fighter
and icon of  history of polish Air Force.

Stanislaw Skalski

Some kind of people is just "born to fly" and all stuff around is less important then everything. History in simply way, determines their fate. I don't intend here "bleach" in any way criminal achievements of the people of the Nazi regime, but in an objective way to think about the attitudes of individual people.

Some facts and some legends are formed inexplicable bond between people committed flying in the sky.
Perfectly captures this amazing bond, the story of the funeral of the German ace from WWI Max Immelmann. Some people have told stories about British aircraft, which flew over the funeral and dropped flowers in the name of respect and admiration for the German pilot. Amazing.

Battle of Britain Aces Adolf Galland in the cockpit, Stanford Tuck and Douglas Bader. Fl Lt Pete Thorn from the Battle of Britain Memorial flight nearest on the ground and Peter Rushen Ground Crew behind him. The venue the 1978 Bex air show in Switzerland and the Spitfire a Mk V AB910

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